Your brand, your way

Use our templates. Add your logo.  No design skills needed.
PROXPECTOR allows you to create visually stunning landing pages and email campaigns that look great across every device.  Point-and-click editing makes the creating process quick and easy.

Mission Control

Everything in one place.
With the PROXPECTOR system, you get one unified platform to run your entire marketing campaign with ease.  Create your sales funnel, email lists for marketing, and assign your proximity beacons pointed directly to your landing pages.

When we say it’s never been easier to market your business, we mean it.

PROXPECTOR handles everything from prospecting, lead capture, presentations, emails, and sales.

100% fully automated.


Got Appointments?

Let PROXPECTOR fill your appointment book with local customers needing your services.  Create landing pages allowing prospects to schedule a chosen date & time to book an appointment.

Network Marketers & Recruiters

Wanna build and grow your team?  Create a landing page with a promotional video explaining your lucrative business opportunity.  Then let PROXPECTOR handle the rest for you.  Sending traffic to your page and presentations 24/7 – all on autopilot!

Insurance Agents can build seperate landing pages for each line of insurance they sell. Advertising themselves as the area’s trusted source for insurance.

Realtors can create a landing page with photos and walk-through videos to showcase a property they have for sale. Then simply place a PROXPECTOR beacon at that property location. All visitors and traffic passing by within the vicinity will receive a push notification to their Android cell phones. Sending prospects to that property’s landing page! No more need for printed flyers – ever. No more wasting time showing properties to buyers not interested. PROXPECTOR can help Realtors sell more homes, more efficiently.

-Massage Therapists
-ANY business
-ANY entreprenuer

can send out push notifications to nearby prospects for advertising daily coupons or special promotions on goods and services.

Tools for entrepreneurs

Landing pages, lists, email automation and proximity beacons. Easily promote any product, service, or even yourself.

Support Desk

Get in touch via email with any questions you may have.  Our customer service team will always get back to you promptly.

Stay in sync

PROXPECTOR automatically performs regular updates to the system so your pages are always running and optimized.