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1 Million

Targeted Email Campaign

1 Million data purchase + Delivery

Use our list + We Deliver

Use your list + We Deliver

3-4 days for delivery completion.

5 Million

Targeted Email Campaign

5 Million data purchase + Delivery

Use our list + We Deliver

Use your list + We Deliver

10-12 days for delivery completion.

3 Million

Targeted Email Campaign

3 Million data purchase + Delivery

Use our list + We Deliver

Use your list + We Deliver

5-7 days for delivery completion.



Save $1,000's by letting us deliver your mass email marketing campaign for you!

A quick research online and you'll find that 1 Million email sends can easily cost nearly $2,000 just for the delivery alone. Not to mention the email data list costing many additional $1,000's to purchase.  We deliver a massive blast campaign for you, at just a fraction of the total cost elsewhere!  You can purchase the data to own and use it an unlimited amount of times.  Or "Use our list" by generating a custom list from our database for a one-time rental use.  Or we can use a list you already own for even more savings!

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How does proximity email work?

Whatever your target market is, you can run a query starting from your local zip code. Expand the search radius if necessary to accommodate and fulfill the order count. You may also select another zip code of your choice instead, and other criteria to zero in on your target consumer. Hire us if you ever need to deliver very large campaigns.

Is this a monthly data subscription?

Nope. Data purchases are one-time transactions.  You own the data, and can use it unlimited.  

How long does it take to fulfill my order?

Varies upon the package you order, in addition to any delivery restrictions you have.

What kind of traffic can I expect to see?

The average campaign response where people click through from your email should be anywhere between 1% - 3%.  So with a 1,000,000 email campaign, you'd want to see anywhere between 10,000 - 30,000 visits to your site. We have had clients get responses of 5% - 6% on several occasions.  Your email subject line and message offering will play a big role in generating traffic and response rates. in addition to what product or service you're offering.

PLEASE NOTE: You must at least have the Plus plan in order to handle the web traffic from this service.

Get a HUGE boost of traffic to your site or funnel any time you need it!

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