Refund Policy.

Due to the nature of the advertising business and the immediate accessibility of our online platform and services upon purchase, we do not offer any refunds on any monthly subscriptions or marketing package purchases. In addition, on monthly subscriptions we offer a free 7-day trial to “try before you buy”, allowing you umlimited access to the platform. So you would only upgrade and pay for the subscription once you are sure of it. Again, we do not offer refunds of any kind.

Cancellation requests for monthly subscriptions must be made within 48 hours of the next charge date if you no longer wish to continue using the system.

Send cancellation requests to:

All sales on PROXPECTOR beacons are final and cannot be returned. They are thoroughly quality control tested before being programmed and shipped to you.

We are committed to providing each customer with exceptional service. Should you have requests, or any other customer support related question, please contact us at:

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