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What size PROXPEX list will I get with my subscription?

For new members only, your first PROXPEX list is on us!  Depending on which subscription plan you choose, you'll get a list of either 25K, 50K, or 100K!  (A value of up to $795)  

Can anyone order Proxpex Data?

No.  Just like discount membership warehouses like Sam's Club or Costco, our extremely low bulk pricing is reserved only for our monthly platform subscribers. 

How amazing is our pricing?  Let's compare a data list of 100,000 opt-in email records:

Our competitor Exact Data charges  $12,000  vs. PROXPEX pricing at only $1,795

What would my email campaign message be?

It's 100% your content, 100% up to you.  You'll be able to run email marketing campaigns right from the platform CRM!  Choose an email template of your choice, make edits to customize for your business and offer, then blast it out!  Your email ad will drive traffic directly to your landing page or sales funnel.  You can set up drip email campaigns so that all new leads will automatically get timed interval emails - nurturing the lead to a future sale. 

Not sure which plan to subscribe to?

Every business's price points and profit margins are different.  So only you can decide what your marketing budget should be.  PROXPEX is a great way to get to local consumers directly, and returning a great ROI.

Will I own the list?

Yes, you'd download it directly to your computer and own it!  Never "rent" data from sketchy data brokers.  Or from data houses with less than 100 Million in their database.  Think about it, they're selling the same exact list over and over again.  So these consumers are getting pounded with many offers thus becoming less responsive to them.  Our PROXPEX database houses over 240+ Million opt-in consumers!  And our list is evolving every month with millions of opt-outs and opt-ins.  So it's always fresh and accurate data.

How does proximity email work?

Whatever your target market is, you can run a query starting from your local zip code. Expand the search radius if necessary to accommodate and fulfill the order count. You may also select another zip code of your choice instead, and other criteria to zero in on your target consumer. Hire us if you ever need to deliver very large campaigns.

Is this a monthly data subscription?

Nope. Data purchases are one-time transactions.  You own the data, and can use it unlimited.  

How long does it take to fulfill my order on large campaigns?

Please go to "Services" tab for more info.

What kind of traffic can I expect to see?

The average campaign response where people click through from your email should be anywhere between 1% - 3%.  So with a 10,000 email campaign, you'd want to see anywhere between 100 - 300 visits to your site. We have had clients get responses of 5% - 6% on several occasions.  Your email subject line and message offering will play a big role in responses, in addition to what product or service you're offering.

Get a boost of traffic to your site or funnel any time you need it!

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