Emails Delivered

Email Blast Campaign

Includes targeting by:

- Your Zip Code

                        - Local Consumers 



PROXPEX Target+ 

Need to target a specific demographic?

Add-On Criteria available:

- Age

- Income

- Industry

- Businesses

- Profession

$99 additional for Target+

National PROXPEX


Emails Delivered

Email Blast Campaign

Includes targeting by:

- Any Zip Code

                        - Consumers 



10,000 Local PROXPEX included every month with PROXPECTOR subscription!

10 FAQ's

Sent vs. Delivered

Lots of emails that are sent get bounced back and never reach their destinations. Many email marketing providers are vague in their campaign description. For example: They say they'll do a 10,000 email campaign for you and "send" out 10,000 emails - and they do. But in reality, maybe only 7,000-8,000 of those emails will be successfully "delivered" into recipient inboxes. In order to hit your campaign goals, Proxpex would continue to send extra emails until your entire order count is fulfilled. You'll also get a Campaign Delivery Confirmation report. With Proxpex email campaigns, your entire order is always delivered - GUARANTEED.

Can anyone order Proxpex Email Campaigns?


What would my email campaign message be?

It's 100% your content. Tell us exactly what you want the email subject line to be. Then what to say in the body of the email. We'll deliver it. The emails will all be sent showing from your email address. So in addition to including a direct link to your site, any of the thousands of email recipients can reply directly to you! We abide fully with all CAN-SPAM laws, therefore at the bottom of each email will have an "unsubscribe here" link.  We also add your email to the campaign so that you receive the exact campaign email.

Not sure which type of traffic to purchase?

The Local PROXPEX package is great for sending local traffic to a specific landing page that sells any product or service. The Target+ PROXPEX campaign sends targeted emails to a specific demographic that you choose. Such as emailing a specific age to market Final Expense insurance.  Or emailing a specific household income to market high ticket items or financial services.

Will I own the list?

No. You are not purchasing the list that we're emailing for you.  But once they've responded directly to you, they are forever your clients/contacts.

How does proximity email work?

Whatever your target market is, as a default we'll run a query starting from your local zip code. We'll expand the search radius if necessary to accommodate and fulfill the order count. You may also select another zip code of your choice instead, and we'll blast emails to that area for you.

Is this a monthly subscription?

Nope. These traffic packages are one time purchases. Get a boost of traffic to your sales funnel anytime you need it.

How long does it take to fulfill my order?

We deliver your completed campaign within 48 hours of ordering.

What kind of traffic can I expect to see?

The average campaign response where people click through from your email is anywhere between 1% - 3%.  So with a 10,000 email campaign, you'd want to see anywhere between 100 - 300 visits to your site. We have had clients get responses of 5% - 6% on several occasions.  Your email subject line and message offering will play a big role in responses.  In addition to what product or service you're offering.

Will you keep my email template on file?

Absolutely!  Many clients like to run the same ad.  When placing an order, if you leave the form blank we'll automatically re-run your last campaign.

Get a boost of traffic to your site or funnel any time you need it!

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