The Exclusive IUL Sales System

For Life Agents

How to consistently write large IUL cases

Let's recap

ABS Members get:

  • Website & Funnel builder (for all of your marketing needs)

  • IUL Sales Funnel (for 24/7 automated IUL presentations)

  • ABS Recruiting Funnel (just like this one to easily recruit)

  • 10% recurring commissions (on subscription plan referrals)

  • IUL Bonus ($500 per month. Achieved after 10th referral)

  • INFINITY ($500 monthly bonuses for every 5th referral)

Do the math

  • At just 5 members, you're making at least $650 a month! Your system and membership is paying for itself.

  • At 10 members, you get your IUL BONUS! You're making at least $1,299 a month. That pays for your marketing system, your $500 IUL premiums, plus $100's left over!

  • Write large IUL's on your downline when they've reached their IUL Bonus. Approximately $5,000 commissions - per policy!

That's in addition to your own IUL life insurance policy. Protection for your family, living benefits in case you get sick, and lifetime tax-free retirement income!


Nearly every Life Agent is a fan of the IUL and endorses it.


The majority of Life Agents that sell the IUL - don't own an IUL.

ABS helps agents sell more IUL's & get their own policy.

..would you turn down an IUL Bonus?



PROXPECTOR and it's exclusive affiliate program Agency Builder Systems is NOT an insurance agency.  It is merely a marketing system to help insurance agents sell IUL's and network. You will not be changing your normal way of business.


We get asked often, what carriers will you "have to" submit your IUL policy applications to. Again, we are NOT an insurance agency - you do not work for us. So you will continue to submit policies as usual to the carriers you're already contracted with.


How much will your commissions be for writing IUL's?  We cannot answer that because you do not work for us an insurance agent.  Your commissions are between you, your IMO, and your carriers.

(as usual per your existing contracts)

When do I get an IUL?

Everyone in the program will be eligible for their IUL Bonus once they've reached 10 referrals.  Your affiliate upline that recruited you will be the writing agent on your IUL policy.  You cannot write your own application.   

What if I get declined?

Not everyone gets approved for an IUL.  As long as you've applied for one and were declined (or have proof of already owning one), you are considered to have complied with ABS program rules.  Your affiliate status will remain in good standing.

What if I don't want one?

If you are not interested in ever getting an IUL, please do not join ABS.  You may still earn commissions from the regular PROXPECTOR affiliate program.  It allows for earning recurring 10% commissions, but without INFINITY Bonuses.

Don't like recruiting?

Not a problem.  We sometimes speak to independent agents across the country that have absolutely zero interest in networking whatsoever.  And that's perfectly ok.  Just use the IUL Sales Funnel to generate and sell to prospects.

Only want to recruit?

Nothing wrong with that.  A lot of agents don't like selling and would rather build their downline of agents to build recurring income.  Let's not forget that agents are people too.  When networking with ABS, agents are actually future IUL prospects!

Sound too good to be true?

ABS has been vetted by the California Department of Insurance! (one of the strictest states).  You are in compliance by 1) Having an active Insurance License & 2) Putting your Insurance License Number visibly on your IUL Sales Funnel page.

ANY life insurance agent from ANY insurance company can utilize this marketing system.

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